Rules and Procedures for the Hall of Fame



Gloucester High School recognizes the contribution of all its athletes throughout its history. It is the mission of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee to select athletes, coaches and contributors that have met the described criteria. The order of induction is not an indication of the nominees’ value or worth.

The Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be an annual affair sponsored by the athletic department.

The Athletic Hall of Fame selection committee will be composed of persons selected by the principal and activities director.

A.  The committee will consist of at least three persons.

The selection process will be as follows:
A.  Nominations will be sought through the various news media and community communications, and the Hall of Fame Committee.
B.  Coaches of state championship teams will be inducted upon retirement from coaching.
C.  Each committee member will review all nominees and select 5 finalists of their choice.
D.  At least four inductees will be selected by vote of the committee from the list of submitted finalists.

The criteria for nomination will be as follows:
A.  Nominees will be selected from Gloucester High School beginning with the class of 1967-68.
B.  The nominee must have graduated from Gloucester High School or attended at least 3 years.
C.  The nominee must be out of high school for 5 years.
D.  During and following his/her career at Gloucester, the nominee must have exemplified the pride, spirit and success that is Gloucester High School and be in good standing.
E.  Each nominee must have made a significant achievement to his/her sport. This may have taken place at the high school, college, professional or amateur levels.
F.  Nominees other than athletes may be inducted. These nominations include:
1.  Coaches who have coached at Gloucester High School for at least eight years but are not currently coaching at Gloucester.
2.  Non-athletes and non-coaches that have made a significant contribution to the Gloucester Athletic Department.
G.  Any nominee not inducted in a given year may be eligible in the ensuing years. An ongoing list of nominations will be kept.
H.  Selection of inductees shall have been completed by the end of the school year for induction during the following year.

Voting Procedure:
A.  The committee will vote by weighted procedure.
B.  Each committee member will receive four votes.
C.  All four votes may be cast for any candidate desired but all four must be used.
D.Voting will take place simultaneously.

The nomination and induction procedures will be as follows:
A.  A nomination form will be available in the main office of Gloucester High School and on the GHS web site.
B.  The deadline for all nominations will be April 1.
C.  The committee will meet and the selection process will be completed by May 1.
D.  All inductees will be notified by May 25.
E.  The inductees will be introduced at half-time of a football game to be determined.

The school administrative staff will evaluate the Athletic Hall of Fame annually.

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